5 Common SEO Myths & Misconceptions


In the fast paced SEO industry many tactics come and go all the time making it super important to pick an agency using up-to-date systems and techniques to position your website ahead of the curve now and in the future for sustainable results.

1) You can contact Google or employees at another search engine for help with SEO

If you have ever been told that someone has a contact at Google who can help with your SEO this is very likely to be false. Google or other search engines only provide generic documentation and won’t assist you with your SEO campaigns or efforts.

You can however contact Google’s sales team for paid advertising however search results are entirely separate.

2) All links help with SEO

One of the many factors that help your website rank higher up is links from other websites however a common misconception is that all links will help your rankings.

Unfortunately not all links are created equal with some been more valuable than others, ideally links should be from topically relevant quality websites where it makes sense to find your link.

In addition to quality links from relevant websites it is also important to have a diverse range of links from different websites including general websites like social media, videos and others such as:

  • Image sharing websites (Imgur, Flickr etc)
  • Social media websites (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Video uploads (YouTube and Vimeo to name a few)
  • Audio websites if applicable such as SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts and others.

3) The more links you have the better

This is another big misconception and couldn’t be further from the truth, when it comes to links for a website it pays to have “quality over quantity” in your approach.

For example you could have 300 links from spammy websites which wouldn’t move the needle or worse cause potential penalties or you could have 5-10 links from strong quality websites which would be far more valuable.

Links coming from low quality websites will often be ignored and not help at all and if done in larger numbers will damage your website rankings and can cause drops and exclusion from search results.

4) Stuffing lots of keywords in your pages will help them rank higher

An old technique which worked well back in the day was to fill a page with many keywords sometimes even hundreds to artificially rank a website higher up.

For example take this imaginary website which is trying to rank for “cheap nike shoes”:


5) I only need to write quality content to rank

There is no disputing that high quality content is important for your website and SEO, this in my opinion is a requirement for any type of online project as it helps build trust and offer value to readers.

Quality content while important however won’t rank magically on it’s own in most cases unless it manages to go viral or is published on an established website where it can rank much quicker with less effort.

Like anything out there if you create something great you also need to promote it to others so they can see the work you have published.

This is where techniques like quality link-building, social influencers and press releases can help to achieve this. The team at Triangle SEO Services can assist you with this process.


I hope you found this blog post to be helpful and informative if so be sure to share it with your friends. If you would like a customized SEO plan for your own business click the button below to book a call with us to see how we can help you.


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Last updated on the 17th of January 2020

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